Current Projects

Juniors and Seniors Career Expo

February 7, 14 & 21, 2023
at Kodiak High School

KEDC, in conjunction with many community partners, is planning a 3-day Career Expo on February 7, 14 & 21, 2023.  The event will be hosted at the Kodiak High School and activities will include job readiness, interview skills, exposure and hands-on activities at many local business sites across a variety of industries and the Coast Guard.


Workforce Housing – Community Land Trust

Kodiak Island’s unique geography and historical approach to land development has created a workforce housing gap for median-level income earners. The Kodiak Economic Development Corporation has created the Workforce Housing Taskforce in hopes to propose solutions to the current housing crisis that Kodiak is facing. KEDC’s Workforce Housing Taskforce began its evaluation of the Kodiak housing crisis with a questionnaire that surveyed eight organizations; these organizations included Alaska Aerospace, Brechan Construction, OBI Seafoods, Highmark Marine Fabrication, Kodiak Area Native Association, Kodiak Island Borough School District, Silver Bay Seafoods, and Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center. The survey sought to represent a diverse range of industries that support the Kodiak economy and aim to assist in economic development.

KEDC asked the organizations three questions important questions: how their housing need is currently being met, the anticipated needs for housing over the next 3 to 5 years, and housing style that would be most beneficial. The Workforce Housing Committee identified two major areas of needs (1) condominiums or apartment-style housing for professionals relocating to the island who do not qualify for income-based assistance and (2) single-family homes for professionals with families or expanding needs. While many organizations around Kodiak know of the workforce housing shortage, Kodiak Economic Development Corporation is actively pursuing different solutions.

In hopes to leverage all of Kodiak’s housing resources, KEDC has met with the Kodiak Island Housing Authority to discuss a future partnership. Kodiak Island Housing Authority is open to the possibility of working with KEDC to provide workforce housing, and plans to hold joint meeting with members of the City of Kodiak, as well as KEDC. Prior to the meeting, KEDC’s Workforce Housing Committee continues to explore all possible solutions to create affordable housing for Kodiak’s workforce.